Saturday, July 17, 2010

You are a Dumb.... SHH! You Can't Say That!

I was out at my husbands aunts store today (catch that? My aunt in law). We had to return an outfit my MIL bought Thumbelina, which was too small. We also bought a few other adorable items. This store is a mecca for spending my husbands paycheck. I spent some time talking to her while she spoiled the hell out of Alice and Thumbelina, when I realized it was lunch time and we needed to leave . So, we walk back out to where I had parked. This is Main Street, USA, so it's all parallel. This guy was parking in front of my van, and when I got behind the wheel, I noticed his lone bumper sticker.

I'm white, straight, and republican. How else can I piss you off today?

I'm including a link to a similar sticker below. All I could think was "really dude? Are you really a jackass, or do you just play one on the road?" No one is pissed off that you are white, straight, or even Republican. They are pissed off that your sticker makes you sound like a racist homophobic ASSHOLE. You just go ahead and assume otherwise. No changing stupid.

*I'm a stupid moron sticker*

Go sit in the corner, dumbass. Pictures, Images and Photos

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