Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Failed. It was cute that you tried though!

Ever feel like the world is out to get you? As if you do everything you can, but something always comes along to fuck it up? That it will NEVER stop? That you will never escape all that you feel keeps happening to you?

Then you know how I felt about that pizza last night, and how I felt when my husband took it back up there and made them fix it! I know, all that drama over a pizza. It was just the topping to what started going downhill on Saturday. We ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut (there are no good joints in this town) and Matt brought it home, only to find that 2 slices were just cheese, there were only 3 slices of mine and a few of his (we had it done 1/2 meat lovers and 1/2 green pepper, onion, and pepperoni). This was a stuffed crust pizza, and apparently, they forgot that part too. There was only hollow dough.

So we called, hoping they would start a new one so he could just switch it out, but no, they had to INSPECT the pizza first. Really? He already said he was bringing it back up there, but whatever. The stupid manager tried to argue that the cheese melted out from the crust. Really? Does that normally happen? I didn't think that it did.... Finally, she had to make a new pizza, and he watched her like a hawk the entire time, because it was obvious she was pissed off at having to do it, and we didn't want the "free" toppings.

So, you failed at your job lady. It was cute that you tried though. Tonight, Beef stew.

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