Monday, November 2, 2009

Adventures with Blankie

When Emily was a newborn, I came across a soft beautiful blanket at Walmart. Over the course of the past few years, the blankets wore out, and I continued to replace them, and she never knew the difference, except that it was her pink blanket that kept her safe.

One day while perusing the aisles at Walmart, I noticed that the blankets were on clearance, which is the kiss of death for items. This means they are gone. At this point, Emily was down to her last blanket. I grabbed the three remaining blankets and hoped and prayed they would last her until she was married.

When she became obsessed with the color purple (as I am) I dyed them all purple. Thank God she's still all about the purple.

We are down to the last one, and at 4, she shows no sign of not loving that blanket. It's still her best friend, her safety, her one true love. Do not dream of putting her down for bed/nap without it, otherwise, you will hear cries that will pierce your heart.

This blanket has been everything to her. A picnic blanket, a tissue, a superwoman cape, a magicians cape, a rock, a pillow, a person to dance with, a cave, a tent... You name it blanket has been there for her.

The Princess Skirt:

The Virgin Mary:

and plain just cute!

Take a bow Emily! It's naptime!

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