Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not sure how I feel about this

Not that it really matters. It's not my choice, and I am sure I didn't even weigh into the decision. Why would I? She's never met me, and has spoken to me on the phone twice, and those were both in the past 7 years.

How many people can boast a living Jewish Grandmother, who they have never met? Who knows of their existence, and just really doesn't care? What do you even call the person? I mean Grandma seems a little informal to call a stranger.

It's always bothered me that I haven't met her. Now that I might get the chance? It's kind of scary. She's going to be at my dads this week, but with Chloe in school, I can't just take off to meet her.

I just don't know. Well, bubbe seems a little informal too.

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