Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All I want for Christmas is some sleep

Pretty much not joking there. Due to my not sleeping for 32 hours, I was not delirious, but I am not able to put anything from those two days into any kind of time line. My brain simply won't cooperate. I fell asleep on Monday around 4:30 finally, shutting out all noise and doing my best to allow myself to shut my brain down. Which I think is the problem, and what I envy about Matt. My brain just won't stop, and he has this wonderful ability to just tune out.

Which is why it's 1:54am right now and I am awake, and he is blissful. But then, it's also why I am getting all of my Christmas stuff done. Ornaments baked and painted, and one No Sew blanket down. Chloe's. It's has pink and brown cats on it, with a brown backing. I am hoping that she'll love it. I think I might be crushed if she doesn't. I don't worry about Emily's. That child is super easy to please. She'll see princess's and say it's the best present ever. But Chloe? She's a bit more picky than that, which has me on pins and needles. I hope she loves it.


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