Monday, November 9, 2009

Dove, we need to have a talk

I don't know who in your marketing department thought of this, and after your awesome Female Empowerment commercials, I didn't think you were this stupid.

In this course of designing a new bottle for your product, did it ever occur to you, that once in a while there will be a mom in the store, with two kids, and a husband who keeps rushing her? One that would see the lotion bottle, see that it's for Daily Moisture and grab it, rushing, just so her husband will shut up about the stupid game that started? (To which they lost, just because of this I guess)

Here is the lotion bottle in question:

Want a closer shot?

Still can't see it? How about now?

Yeah. Whose bright idea was it to make a conditioner bottle look like a freaking LOTION bottle? Please tell me. I need to email the asshat. How about making those words a little bit bigger next time.

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