Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Turkey is now a Pretty Pretty Princess

When doing dual households, sometimes things slip through the cracks, as hard as we might try for them not to. Ricky and I try hard to not let them, and when it comes to making baked goods and doing the art projects, that usually falls to me. Unfortunately, if I don't know about them... Like I said, things slip. If I had looked in her bookbag when he dropped her off after his weekend, I would have seen it and jumped. But I didn't. Because I suck. Sometimes.

The project was to decorate a turkey so that it's incognito for Thanksgiving. Hopefully, we won't see through the disguise and decide to eat this delectable brown paper turkey. And I wonder why she refuses to eat meat? (yes, I know, apparently Meatloaf is NOT meat. Just ask her).

So, the project is finished. Would you like to see the turkey?
Be honest, could you really eat such a defenseless little turk...I mean Pretty Pretty Princess?

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