Monday, November 30, 2009

Pink Trees and Blue Balls

Today we hit up Walmart again. This time to find a star for the girls pink tree. They love having their very own tree in their bedroom corner. And I love having a place for all of their beautiful handmade ornaments. For $15, it's not an ugly little tree!

So, we go out, and the stuff for little trees is pretty cheap. We found a glittery star for $2, and Emily asked to buy some balls. Matt was trying to steer her toward the silver balls, but my darling sweet Emily had to pick the color SHE wanted the most.

And proceeded to sing on the way out of Walmart: "I got Blue Balls. Mommy and Daddy gave me Blue Balls..."

And mommy and daddy hung their heads in shame. Currently there is a giant blue tree skirt around their tree from our old colors. Matt wants a Panthers tree really bad, so he is plotting to go back and buy the blue one to put on our little side table in the living room. As long as he doesn't touch my tree, I don't think I can really complain.


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