Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I think I hate my mother

I wish I could say I was at the point that I don't care, but looking at my wedding pictures, I will forever remember the fact that being an alcoholic was more important to her than seeing her youngest daughter get married. That's pretty damn sad.

I can't stand people who use their illnesses as a crutch. This world has become so politically correct about it too. Don't say anything to offend the person, because they have an illness. We need to excuse them for their actions, because they have an illness. And generally, it's THEM saying this, and then people thinking they are being helpful agreeing with them, and calling you a bitch for calling them on it.

I had this exact scenario happen numerous times with my mother and stepfather, and so, when I see it in other situations, it makes me so angry, I just want to slam their head against a wall. That's not healthy, right? Yeah, I know. I guess having been in the middle of crazy, it drives me that much more crazy.

Guess what? A diagnosis is just that. It helps pinpoint the problem, and then, you start getting help for it. You don't say and do stupid crap and then say that people need to understand, because you have an illness. It's a crutch when you do that. And excuse.

Hear that mother dearest? We aren't stupid.

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