Monday, December 21, 2009

Alice has a smart

She came home from school today, and handed me a paper. She was selected to compete in a statewide math competition.

As a mother, I am over the moon. As a mother who despised math until I was in the work force? I am over the freaking universe. I feel like running up the tallest mountain and screaming from the top: "MY BABY IS SMART!!!!!!!!!!"

Then of course, I come back down to earth and remember that might be a tad bit over kill. I'll just rent a bull horn and drive around town.

Honestly though, for all the bragging mothers do about their children being 2 month old geniuses, it's not all it's cracked up to be. I have spent a lot of time complaining on my mommy board about the lack of programs for her. There are plenty of programs and help available for kids who are behind, but when your kid is ahead? They are just supposed to sit there and twittle their thumbs. Alice is board out of her mind at school, and spends time at home learning things she should be learning at school, if it wasn't for this stupid NCLB crap.

I do not think that children should be left behind, so don't take it that way. I feel something else needs to be done. Supplemental programs for these children, not making the whole class suffer. Chloe's old school offered free after school, and pulled children into different classes for reading and math if they were advance or learning on a slower curve. It worked really well. You know there is a but, right?

While they were doing more, and doing better, the main tests didn't show this, so they were still listed as failing per NCLB, where this school is not, but working at a lower standard than her old school.

I just don't think you can win with this crap.

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