Thursday, December 17, 2009

Call Out The National Guard!

The foothills of North Carolina currently have 100% chance of snow. For those that live in the north and get snow on a daily basis, I don't know if you would understand the need to for the run on the store for milk and bread for 2-4 inches of snow. But here in the south, that is cause for mass panic and bad driving. Seriously. We have no idea how to drive on it, nor how to survive without milk and bread.

And apparently, Walmart decided 6 lanes out of the 30 they have, was a sufficient amount to have open. Which was really confusing, as on a normal day, they have half or more of them open. The lanes were 8+ people deep.

We were there because I needed a few baking supplies. And at some point, the thought of throwing sprinkles at a few crazy milk and bread idiots crossed my mind.

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