Monday, December 7, 2009

What Can Make Me Squeal Like a Little Girl?

Going to to the library and finding out that 6 of the 20 books you have on hold have come in. I think my husband is only starting to scratch the surface of how crazy I really am.

Patricia Briggs has joined the ranks of Katie MacAlister and Jennifer Estep for me. Writers who can write anything and I will devour it like the book candy it is. And the good the about book candy is that it doesn't go straight to your hips. Which is always a plus.

As I reminded Matt in the van on the way home, the ways into my heart are pretty simple. Craft supplies, new baking or cooking supplies, and books. He just hasn't quite figured that out yet. Which is why his gifts generally wind up going back to the store. Every year, I give him a detailed list of items that would make the happiest woman in the world. Usually 10-15 items for him to pick from. (No, not all them items. 1-3 of them. So it's a surprise)

Imagine my surprise when every year, I don't get a damn thing off the list, OR he goes and buys something "similiar". Like when I wanted the round Belgian waffle maker and the Vera Wang Princess and he shows up with....

A square regular waffle maker and the regular Vera Wang. As on the day he was at Belk, they stopped selling Princess. (Which of course, the started selling again a week later, as it was there when I returned it)

I love him though. For better or worse. :-)

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