Saturday, December 5, 2009

Apparently, we can't stay away from each other

So, after our TRU experience, we hit Target, and then headed home to split up. I still needed to get an item for Matt's birthday and Christmas, and he was going out to get mine. I took Chloe with me.

We headed to Hobby Lobby to get a small shadow box for his birthday present. He is really into the game Magic The Gathering. Yes, he is turning 33. Yes, I know he is a big dork. But, that aside, there apparently was a Pre-release promo card for the game that came out on our wedding date. With the date stamped on it. Like I said, I know he is a dork, and he has been so sad he didn't get it, that I bought one, MINT, and am putting it in a shadow box for his birthday.

Then we headed over to Walmart, because he had mentioned a tool box. Which apparently he was hallucinating about, since I didn't see it. We looked at RC cars and I was searching for a race track, when defeated I told Chloe let's just go to game stop and see what they had.

We had come in through the Garden Center, and looked at the trees there and then started walking out. When who do we run into? Matt. Of freaking course. He had just parked and was coming IN. Through the Garden Center. Where neither of us ever park and come it at.

After talking for a few minutes, I head out to the van, and as I am driving away, I realize that he was parked 1 car over from me, and neither of us had realized it.

We really can't go anywhere without each other.

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