Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I wish I could whistle really loud to get you to shutup ignorance

I should stay away from reading news. Especially if Bill O'Reilly is mentioned in the article. I really think I am just happier that way.

I am a Christian. Albeit, not your typical one. To the extent that many would disown me for my beliefs. That said, they can get over it and remember that Jesus, whether God or Prophet, taught love and tolerance. I think they are forgetting that.

Christians are getting up in arms that stores and cards are not saying Merry Christmas anymore. They are saying Happy Holidays instead. Christians, get over yourselves. Seriously. Christmas is not the only holiday celebrated during this time of the month, and it's easier for store clerks to say Happy Holidays that to trip over pronouncing Happy HanuKwanzYuleSolstiMas. But then, this group of Christians doesn't really care, because they seem to have forgotten that they are not the only religion in the world, and that tolerance shouldn't extend outside of their churches doors.

And if we want to get really deep, Jesus is not the reason for the Season. He wasn't even born in December. Back up a few months and try again. But I don't see Pagan religions reminding them of this on a daily basis. Why? Because they have the truest, strongest tolerance of any religion I know. They smile, knowing in their hearts that Christmas was made to coincide with their holiday so that it would be easier to wipe out another religion that the Church didn't like.

It would be nice if the Christians would learn a thing or two from the Pagans.

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Marie said...

Another christian here, and I completely agree!