Monday, December 14, 2009

Why you want to slit his throat at 3am

I want to know who invented snoring, and how many people have died as a direct result?

My husband snores. And by all rights, I should love and put up with this, as when I had all of my tonsil and throat issues 2 years ago, I snored better than any man alive. But I don't now, and if he woke me up, I would roll over. And again, I had my tonsils taken out.

It's his turn. Either by a doctor or by me. He says they were taken out years before he met me, but I don't believe him. Not with that noise coming from the right side of the bed. The one that wakes me up 15 times a night as he rolls over and whispers SNOOOOOORRRRREEEEE right into my ear. "Roll over." Snoooorrrreeee. I hiss "Matt, ROLL OVER!" "Ugh, I wasn't sleeping! I wasn't snoring!" But he rolls over, and the snoring magically stops. For some reason, facing the way that is not toward my ear doesn't illicit the throat slashing sounds of the evil snore.

Except for last night. I guess he has allergies bothering him. I don't know. All I know is this morning, thoughts of murder keep waving around inside my head. But, at least he slept well?

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Christine said...

Have him use "Breathe Right" nasel strips, they help my dh from snoring.