Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meredith, you really didn't want to keep your job, did you?

We went to TRU to return a purple play dress and matching shoes that we bought for Emily. I was hoping to use the money toward building blocks. We got a dress up kit for $19 on black friday, making the one we were returning redundant.

So, the problem was, I didn't have the receipt, but I though they would give me store credit. Apparently though, I am an idiot who doesn't check the return policy. They do not do store credits at TRU. They only give cash back with the receipt, or return it to the card that it was bought with. I didn't check this, and didn't realize it.

So, we walk up to the customer service counter and I explain that we didn't have the receipt and that we would take store credit. To which this rude bitch huffs and says "Read the return policy, we don't do that!" and rolls her eyes. She then says she can give it back on the card. We say ok, and we hand over the card we paid for it on. She swiped the card and said "I don't see no transactions." Hands us back the card and pushes our stuff out of the way. Apparently, they can check to see if there are transactions from your card in their system, as she didn't even look at the items I was returning.

I, at this point wasn't too nice myself, grabbed my dress and asked if there was anything else we could do about it. Her response? "I don't have to deal with this shit today."

So, this is why I needed corporates number. We didn't get to return anything. Whatever. Stupid bitch. The person I talked to seemed very helpful and apologized up and down the wall.

I understand the holidays are crazy and people are crappy, but at least you have a fucking job.

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