Friday, December 4, 2009

The Librarian Has The Hots For Me

Or so Matt thinks. Apparently, when two girls start gushing over books, and the awesome librarian starts putting books on hold for your spouse, so she can enjoy them as much as the librarian does, it means she wants to sleep with your wife.

Apparently, our discussion over the Sookie Stackhouse novels was what tipped him off. Something about how excited we both got when talking about the characters. Especially Eric. Yummy blonde viking. (both the book character as well as Alexander Skarsgard)

But that aside, I think I love her too! When she saw the books I was checking out, she ran and got another book in a series that she loves, because she knew I would like it too. Then the books I was having put on hold since they were all checked out? Guess who has them? That's right. She does. LoL. She's says they'll be back by Saturday.

So, shout out to the Librarian at our local branch. You are awesome, and super helpful.

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