Sunday, December 6, 2009

Foster Care

Being an adult foster child, I find more and more that it doesn't leave you. If anything, the identity you became sticks with you and becomes stronger each day. Foster children have become my pet "cause" if you must ask. And yes, I still identify myself as a foster child. Like I said, it sticks. It becomes your identity.

I didn't have the life you did growing up. I wasn't allowed to go play at a friends house, we never got to watch TV, and I was made to do whatever our house mom wanted us to do. I learned that every type of meat can be covered in cream of mushroom soup and be called dinner.

I also learned that other people, PARENTS, judged us. I mean, we were foster kids, we were dirty and bad corrupt children. It never occurred to them that I came from an affluent family that just thought we were an inconvenience and a cheap punching bag. Matt finds it funny that I lived so drastically. 9 Years at each end of the "money" spectrum. I find it sad.

But none of that is my reason for posting this here. What is my reason, is that this holiday season, when you are thinking about opening your hearts and even your wallets for a charity or child in need, don't forget those children locked away for their parents sins. I know it's easy to forget them, the ones no one loves. But, they deserve your compassion.

They deserve Christmas too.


Brandie said...

You are right... I am very blessed to have had the family I did growing up. However, my husband was not so blessed and we deal with the remnants of his childhood daily.

Your post is a reminder to look past our perceptions and at the person...

Combat Mommy said...

This is so true. I only spent a lil over 3 years in foster care but I will always consider myself a foster child. Thankfully I had an awesome family who I still keep in touch with to this day. (just got back from visiting them last week!). There was an advertisement a few days ago about donating toys for foster kids...So we are looking into that this year.

Rhonda said...

My family and I have organized a Christmas party for the area's foster children for the past 10 or so years. We do it through organizations that my dad and I belong to. The kids are the most behaved children, and so polite. The foster parents are appreciative of the time and effort we have put in to the party for the kids. I just want them all to know that someone loves them. The babies break my heart (it is very hard for me to see the babies since my son died in 2006). The "tough" teens tuck at my heartstrings and I just want to take all of them home with me!