Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Deals Will Be The Death Of Me

We have all the presents wrapped, except the ones from Santa. And since Santa is bringing Emily the unexpected present of the Disney Princess Dress Up Box, that I just couldn't pass up when they were on sale for $19, I do have to return a purple princess dress and matching shoes we were going to give her. Which I am not too upset about, since I really want to get her some wooden building blocks.

But then, today, while searching for a gift for Matt, I came across a deal for 2 Nintendo DS games for $20.00. And of course, two games that Chloe wants were on it. Matt just rolled his eyes, but agreed it was a great deal, and we shouldn't pass it up, since those same games, used, cost $15+

I really need to stay off the internet. Or at least love our Keep The Change with the bank that covers this.

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