Thursday, December 10, 2009

Like it actually attracted anyone you idiots.

I just spent 10 minutes deleting 36 comments off of my blog. All from some Japanese porn site. And their comments were freaking hilarious. It wasn't any risque blog post, and I am assuming, it's only because I had the word BED in the title? But seriously, if you are going to post spam, trying to get people to check out your porn website, on a ENGLISH SPEAKING blog, writing in all Japanese is not the smart thing to do.

Here is just ONE of the 36 posts (Translated)
"Please stop work. There is the invitation which exceeds current monthly income in one day. A little between, there was application from the woman, sweetheart contract by the demand where the certain famous [serebu] ripening woman is strong. Until now, it seems that perseveres because of position and reputation, but age is repeated, it seems that loneliness becomes strong. Please give healing to the woman who desires the time of the man"

Really? Um, I think I'll pass on giving a woman a healing. Thanks though.


Brandie said...

Whaaaa... Wow. That is seriously crazy!

Princess Peaches said...

Haven't heard from them... I was seriously hoping to get some more links posted!