Thursday, December 31, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Still sick. My head feels like it's filled with marshmallows. Soured nasty marshmallows. If I slightly move it, the room spins in 15 different directions. So, as you can imagine, I feel like I am on one huge acid trip. Or what I imagine an acid trip is like since I have never actually experienced one.

I sent Matt to the store to pick up some bread flour and dry milk so I could use my bread maker for the first time, and he comes home with it, as well as a brand new loaf of bread. Because we were almost out... Really? Um, what was I going to make bread for? To throw at the birds? Either he doesn't think the bread machine will make edible bread, which means he wasted $95, or he was in his own little world, the one that doesn't require the function of all brain cells.

He has a job interview tomorrow. A great way to start the new year. So, keep your fingers crossed. They did a pre-interview over the phone a few weeks ago, and he was concerned when he didn't hear back. I am glad to be right (once again) about the fact that they were just waiting until after the holidays to get started on regular interviews.

The year is ending, and I am glad. 2009 was a stressful year. Yes, I got married, which is wonderful, but so many other stressful things happened, that it put a damper on the odd numbered year. Which isn't surprising. I tend to dislike odd number years. Maybe because I was born in an even number? Or just because I'm a freak like that.

To end off my final post of the year, here are pictures from our Christmas:

Thumbelina and Matt

Alice after opening the book she begged for and I kept telling her no

Thumbelina playing Matt's Guitar from his Guitar Hero 5

My Edward Cullen Water Bottle

Alice loved her scooter from Santa. She rode around on it before waking up her dad and sister

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