Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sick for the holidays

I hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend? Trust no one killed any relatives? We headed to the Outer Banks after opening gifts, and on Sunday, I met up with a friend out there and we went and drooled over everything in a store called the Kitchen Connection. I left with a bottle of clear Vanilla extract, 9 cookie cutters, garlic press, a new wisk, and a cupcake carrying case. Maybe something else too, as I spent 37.00 in there. (With much thanks to Becky for bringing that down to 32.00 with the 5.00 off coupon)

But now, here it is Wednesday, and I am laying in bed with an ear that WAS draining, but stopped, building pain and fluid behind it. Add that to the cold that kept me from meeting with friends from out of town yesterday, and I am sick and pissed. Bad combo.

And I am in love with my husband right now, because he's making me pudding.


Becky said...

What kind of BHBer would I be if I didn't have a coupon??

Princess Peaches said...

So True Becky!