Thursday, December 24, 2009

What was your favorite Christmas Present?

I have 4 presents that stick out in my mind as my favorites over the years. These were the presents I wished for, but never believed I would get. Well, 3 of them. Apparently, I predicted one of them in my 1st grade school journal.

1. Shera Castle: Anyone who was a child in the 80's remembers how awesome Shera was. This is the year that I recieved her, and my Shera dolls. Remember Bo? You pressed that button on the back to make his little red heart beat for Shera? Princess of Power. My first foray into female empowerment. This is also the year that Ashlei and I got our Jem and the Holograms/Pizzaz and the Misfit dolls. Another awesome 80's icon.

2. Black with pink designs light up LA Gear shoes with cool laces: Oh, LA Gear. The IT shoes of the 80's next to Hightop converse. I drooled over these shoes. Begged for them. Even wrote in my 1st grade journal that my dad was buying these shoes for me for Christmas. Even though he made it clear that wasn't happening. Imagine how happy I was when I got these totally awesome shoes? And how jealous it made all of my friends!

3. The Blue/Green Scooter: All of my friends had one, and I was stuck with a bike still? I kept wishing I would get this totally awesome toy. I remember waking up Christmas morning and finding this under the Christmas tree. My eyes lit up and I loved that scooter more than anything. And then, after month, never rode it again. Just like a child. When we were moving and my parents decided to sell it, I took off to a friends house with it, so it wouldn't be sold. My sister had to come get me. And that scooter I loved disappeared forever.

4. Black Lerner/New York Jacket: By this time, I was in foster care, and had been for a few year. I was in high school, and my ideas on Christmas were pretty jaded. How could they not be? I wanted this jacket so bad. It was beautiful and soft, and very ME. I never will forget how happy I was to open this up. I never thought I would find it under the tree.

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